Persistent Productions is a media company that focuses on non-fiction content creation. Our work includes documentaries, television shows, social media, and performing arts films. We believe that now is the most exciting time in history for content creation, and approach every project with fresh perspectives and an understanding of the changing media landscape. Traditional media has evolved and new opportunities for content and creativity abound.

At the core of our work is story telling and collaboration. We have worked throughout the globe for television broadcasters, corporate clients, global brands, and foundations. Whether working on an hour long documentary for TV or a web short for a non-profit, open communication with our clients drives our process.

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Mike's shot

Michael K. Rogers

Director of Photography

Mike has broad international experience working as a director and director of photography with numerous documentary production companies including National Geographic Television, Discovery Networks, Dog Eat Dog Films, and The Smithsonian Network. It is the intersection between the social, political, and the natural world where he finds the most compelling stories. As an American raised in Singapore, Mike grew up traveling and feels most at home when he is exploring other cultures, people and ultimately stories. After working at National Geographic Television for five years Mike has returned to Asia and splits his time between Singapore and the United States.

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Meghan Shea

Producer / Writer

Meghan works as a producer and director for documentaries throughout the globe. Her work focuses on topics ranging from arts and politics to the natural world. Her most recent work includes ‘In the Spirit of Laxmi’, a 30-minute documentary about one man’s journey raising a leopard, and ‘Shooting For Democracy’ an hour-long documentary that examines Bhutan’s 2008 transition to democracy. Meghan currently works at Persistent Productions and divides her time between the US and Singapore. During the month of June you can find Meghan in Paris working with the class Modernism Then and Now for the George Washington University.